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"Sir, yes sir!"

Get all my job from 9 to dawn

Get all my desk oh, full of words
Take all my time to fix the crunch
“You must done your work today”
“Sir yes sir!”

Can't drink the water coffee is my mate

(is my mate, coffee is my mate)
Can't walk spend time all my folks

(cannot walk with all my folks)
Can't even talk towards the gang

(can't even talk with you oh baby)
“You know nothing, just do your work”
“Sir, yes sir!”

And after all I've done
You always mumbling and complaining
And ask to remedy
Won’t care, walk out the door

(He's a wacky man)
(Aaa slam the door)
(Here comes the psycho)

You always mad and forget about the time
I've done my best to satisfy you

but everything's always wrong
Oh I guess it's time for me to stand up

and speak for myself

I ain't no stuff I'm a living woman

(I ain't no stuff, I'm a living man)
I'm flesh and blood to the bone

(flesh and blood to the bone)
I ain't no furry wholing in the night

(I ain't no dog, baby)
I'm tall strong with my own mine
“Sir, yes sir!”

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